Digital Photo Frame


Hundreds Of Memories On A Single Frame

Do you want to showcase your favourite photos without creating a cluttered look in your home?

At Aussie Abode, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a top-of-the-line digital frame at an affordable price. With our innovative frame, you can effortlessly display all of your cherished memories in one central location, without the need to worry about consuming too much space on your wall, shelves or tables. Our frame is designed to be both practical and stylish, making it the perfect solution for decluttering your home.

Trusted By Happy Australians

Our Digital Photo Frames comes highly recommended by families all across Australia as the ultimate solution for displaying your most treasured memories. We are confident that our frames will not only meet but exceed your expectations and provide years of joy and satisfaction.

Join our community of happy Australian customers who have used our frames to create a beautiful and stylish living space!

Benefits Of Our Digital Photo Frame 

✅ Surround Yourself With Photos & Memories Of Loved Ones

✅ Save $100,s On Photo Frames & Printing Fees

✅ Easy To Use & Operate

✅ Enjoy A Clutter Free Living Space

✅ Display Thousands Of Memories On A Single Frame

✅ Happy Australian Customers 

✅ Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Try It With Confidence With Our 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Australia’s #1 Rated Digital Photo Frame

Our Digital Photo Frame is a modern alternative to the traditional paper frame, as it allows you to display both photos and videos, allowing users to showcase their precious memories in a more dynamic way. The convenience of inserting a USB or SD card directly into the frame allows you to instantly display your favourite content without the need for any additional devices, making the process simple and hassle-free. 

How Our Digital Photo Frame Will Help Improve Your Home

Living in a cluttered home can have various negative effects on our well-being including increased stress, decreased productivity and difficulty focusing. By displaying your favourite photos and videos in a digital format, you can eliminate the need for physical clutter and reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on printing. 

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Home Supplies store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

Features Include

  • High Resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Date, Clock, Alarm & Calendar Mode
  • Remote Control 
  • Supported Memory Card: SD (32 GB), MS, MMC
  • Frame Size: 25.9cm x 16.7cm x 0.8cm

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