Premium Stainless Steel Knife Shaper


Australia's #1 Rated Kitchen Tool

Are you tired of using dull knives that struggle to cut through food?

Aussie Abode has dedicated years to developing the best knife-sharpening system at an affordable price. With our NEW Premium Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener, any old knife can be restored within a matter of minutes. Stop buying new knives and enjoy the convenience and precision of professional-grade cutting today!

Loved by Home Cooks Across Australia

Recommended by professional chefs and home cooks across Australia, our Premium Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener will help produce the highest quality knives in your kitchen. You can achieve cuts that rival those found in restaurants, resulting in precision and quality that will leave you astonished!

Join our community of satisfied Australian customers and experience perfectly sharpened knives today!

Benefits Of Our Knife Sharpener

✅ Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

✅ Save $100's On New Knives

✅ Minimise Kitchen Accidents

✅ Promotes a Cleaner Kitchen Experience

✅ Impress Friends & Family With Your Culinary Skills 

✅ Happy Australian Customers 

✅ Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Try It Risk Free With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Australia’s #1 Rated Knife Sharpener

Our Premium Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener has the ability to transform any old knife into a restaurant-grade tool, allowing you to have cleaner cuts and precise slices that elevate the taste and appearance of your food. With a quick and easy installation process, our knife sharpener allows you to sharpen your knives in under 10 minutes. Our unique design allows you to sharpen a variety of blades including kitchen knives, hunting knives, woodworking knives, pocket knives, scissors and more!

Why Are Sharp Knives Important?

Using sharp knives can help you maintain a hygienic kitchen by cutting through food cleaning which reduces the risk of bacteria growth and contamination. When you use a dull knife, you have to use more force to cut through food, which can result in uneven cuts and increase the risk of injury. Extend the lifespan of your favourite knives and save $1000's in the long run today

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Home Supplies store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

What's Included

  • Stainless Steel Knife Sharpener
  • 4 High Grade Whetstones (grit: 120#, 320#, 600#, 1500#)
  • Travel Bag
  • Hexagon Screwdriver
  • Simple User Manual

Please Note: Knife Is Not Included 

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